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We are the biggest sports park on Long Island. Our mission is to create opportunities for families and friends to enjoy crazy-fun, adventurous events in an outdoor environment. We have partners and sponsors who help us create festivals, concerts, and fitness events such as The Survival Race and Bubblepalooza. When you factor in our awesome paintball facilities, how can you NOT have a great time?

Long Island Sports Park is your place to forget the struggles of life for a moment and indulge in healthy and happy activities.


A healthy body constitutes a healthy mind. This is why we organize healthy events where you can get involved in physical activities and take a step towards a better lifestyle.

We always try to come up with something out-of-the-box fun. Our ideas, as well as our conduct, will let you enjoy the most unexpected, craziest and adventurous events you have ever experienced.

What can be better than spending some time close to mother nature and breathing in the fresh air. We make sure that we protect you as well as the green environment throughout our events.

You can come along friends and family to enjoy our friendly events. Or come alone and meet hundreds of new people who may be your friends forever.

We want to share happiness with the as many people as we can. That’s why we keep our prices are setup to accommodate every budget. You can also become a volunteer and enjoy many of the events for free.



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Like what you see? You can also join us in various ways. Check out our upcoming events to get started.

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